New Home,   Silver Hill Road, Lincoln

Designed by Charles Myer and Assoc.

2,500 s.f. home with full program and energy/envelope package set for Spring '17 completion


GCB Barn

Below is our new shop, designed by David O'Neil. 

The cupola was the first bench top piece produced in the shop-had to cut the cart down 2" to roll it under the garage door header...

Art Studio,  Weston Road, Lincoln
1,100 s.f. Art Studio wil exceed Passive House standards.  Aug. '16 completion

After placing the cupola at the shop we moved the crane over to our new job to lift a beam and cupola.

Photos don't do justice to the perfection of the coppersmithing on this piece, like a machine milled product.

The beam below spans the entire 40' of the new structure.

This is a new structure on the Weston Road property where we had built the house in 2011.  Repeat clients are encouraging affirmation of a good product and service.

Designed by Sheldon Pennoyer, this incredibly well thought out and efficient structure is on course to exceed Passive House standards for ACH (air changes/hour/airtightness) and thermal envelope/absence of thermal bridges standards