New Home,   Silver Hill Road, Lincoln
Designed by Charles Myer and Assoc.

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GCB Barn
Designed by David O'Neil

 The cupola was the first bench top piece produced in the shop-had to cut the cart down 2" to roll it under the garage door header...

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Art Studio,  Weston Road, Lincoln
Sheldon Pennoyer Architects 
1,100 s.f. Art Studio  

This is a new structure on the Weston Road property where we had built the house in 2012.  Repeat clients are encouraging affirmation of a good product and service.

Designed by Sheldon Pennoyer, this incredibly well thought out and efficient structure nearly missed Passive House standards for ACH (air changes/hour/airtightness, we got .85 ACH, PH is .6) and thermal envelope design for it's impressive R values and absence of any thermal bridge.