Rocky Neck, Gloucester, MA

New residence, art gallery and art studios built on a new wharf located completely over the water. Design/Build collaboration between Gordon Goetemann, Glen Johnstone, architect, and Mark Goetemann.
Rocky Neck Art Colony is America's oldest working art colony.  The Goetemann Gallery has been here since 1978.  We tried to design a structure that would be sensitive to the local architectural vernacular.   Like the Wellesley spec house, "old looking new" was the objective.

After dismantling the former seine net repair loft we floated this barge and crane into the cove to drive 40 new pilings on which we placed these pre-cast concrete planks.  Locating the pilings was challenging, working on a frozen tilted/twisted plane in mid-January with 1" lateral margin of error tolerance.   A two story steel structure was then erected, all posts passing through the holes cast into the planks so point loads fell on specific pilings and pile caps.  Engineering calculations by Bourne Engineering.  Specs for concrete plank and steel order by MG.  Planks cast in NH. Little margin for error.

The water facing side of the building takes the brunt of each Nor'easter.  During astronomical high tides combined with a storm, the ocean will inundate the streets and buildings  on this part of Rocky Neck.  Designs to let water rapidly flood into and out of the structure are critical to prevent it from floating off of its pilings and rotting from within its walls.

Gordon Goetemann's oil paintings

Judith Goetemann's batiks