About Us

My older brother is a life-long commercial fisherman in Gloucester, MA.  It's a grueling, dangerous job running his 36' Novi single-handed, even in the best of conditions.  

But when the mid-winter seas are too high to make a day's pay he'll take the day off - and what else does he do but head straight to the frozen ponds of Cape Ann to spend day pulling 6 oz. perch through a 4" hole in the ice!  That guy just loves to fish!

Our parents always said, "make your avocation your occupation"

My shop is my brother's ice plate.  My passion is building challenging projects, crafting them to perfection through acquired expertise, deliberation and careful management.

This is a reproduction Montgomery Fish Boat*, famous Fish Class racer in the waters off Cape Ann through the mid-20th century.  Handsome lines over glassy ultramarine blue water, but what's it got to do with a contractor?

GCB is essentially myself working closely with my long-acquainted, conscientious sub-contractors and more often than not my younger brother, one of the best all-season carpenters around.

We do one project at a time and I personally manage each one from preliminary pricing to the final punch list item.  

We choose to only do architect-designed projects because we want to build intelligent, conceptual, challenging projects, the more challenging, the better.  Many builders avoid architects, we don't work without them.

Starting out 28 years ago I worked as a finish carpenter and cabinetmaker up and down Beacon Hill under the tutelage of a high-end GC and the cabinetmakers Paul Reidt and Alan Haigh.  I then leased a shop in the South End and produced high-end custom cabinetry and millwork for 12 years, then moved to the western suburbs and started doing bigger additions and new homes, leaving the urban cabinet shop behind-too many hats for one GC, too many other fine cabinetmakers to supply us.

Readers of this page...-this is another work in progress.  Trust that we are better builders than marketers and photographers.  

*The carvel planks hull from the chine down have exact Fish Boat lines, the lap straked lines and deck above the chine are MG's creation.  The rig is from a 1950's boat named Cloud-mast since snapped clear through at the deck in a gale-dry rotted...  She was built and christened the UNJU SEA, (phonetically Miss Unju in Korean) in 2013, maiden voyage made among the Tall Ships parading in Gloucester harbor that year.

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