About Goetemann Builders
For 27 years we have specialized in larger scale high-end residential additions, new homes, custom cabinetry and millwork. We do one job at a time and each one is personally managed to its completion by Mark Goetemann. Architects are the principle source of our work and we enjoy working closely with them and our clients. We are hands-on builders, honor every commitment and finish each project on schedule. We are environmentally conscientious, recycle all that we can and maintain a tidy, organized job site. We seek to work closely with Architects and Clients early on and throughout each project, knowing clear communication and access to each other’s input are the keys to a successful design and its realization. Our preliminary pricing spreadsheets, critical path studies and contract documents are detailed and well-ordered. Our references include every client and architect for whom we’ve worked going back 20 years. They would agree that Mark Goetemann is a very hard working, pleasant, accommodating, principled businessman, an expert in residential construction with the highest standards of quality and a "can do" spirit.
"Mark, I have to say, is an ideal project team partner (from my perspective). He has been nicely communicative, asks good questions, pressure and fog tested the house prior to my arrival and was quite interested and concerned with the result. His attention to detail is evident. The proof is in the pudding, they say. Mark, you knocked it out of the park. Well done.” — HERS rater Mark Price for Silver Hill Road project, 2017, unsolicited
This is a reproduction Montgomery Fish Boat, famous Fish Class racer in the waters off Cape Ann through the mid-20th century. Handsome lines over glassy ultramarine blue water, but what's it got to do with a contractor? Challenging building projects are Mark Goetemann’s true avocation. Houses may be square, level and plumb but the twists and turns to get a project designed and built are like the rounded forms of a boat, each enjoyable puzzles to solve, the boat construction also honing the technical skills needed for the home’s fine finishes. Each is an elemental experience, a nest-building instinct in practice, one product shelters you from the elements, the other sails you away through them.
"The design process with you [Sheldon Pennoyer Architects] and the pricing feedback on the preliminary plans provided by Mark G. was smooth and ultimately landed us with the final plans that we cannot be happier with. We are also extremely appreciative that you recommend Mark Goetemann as a builder. Mark was involved early in the project, from the preliminary pricing, permitting input, building, all the way to helping us move a piece of furniture into the house. We cannot say enough about how happy we were with Mark's communication, attentiveness to quality, planning ahead, and keeping within the budget. Beyond Mark's high capability as a custom home builder, his attitude and personality were a delight. Mark and SPA provided our family with the assistance and professionalism we needed to build a home while juggling work, living next door to the project, and experiencing the arrival of our first child. We look forward to bumping into Mark around town and hopefully we'll see Jasmine and Sheldon, maybe paddling around Squam? We would gladly recommend SPA and Mark G. to anyone looking to build a energy efficient home with a thoughtful floorplan and unique design." — Horseshoe Lane, 2018, unsolicited
The carvel planked hull from the chine down have exact Fish Boat lines, the lap straked lines and deck above the chine are MG's creation. Christened the Tribute, her maiden voyage was made among the Tall Ships parade in Gloucester harbor in 2013.