Weston Road
Lincoln, MA
Sheldon Pennoyer Architects Phase 1, 2,700 sq. ft. house addition to 725 sq. ft. novelty pool house 2013-2014 Phase 2, 1,100 sq. ft. free-standing craft studio 2015-2016 Phase 3, 215 sq. ft. addition to house 2018-2019
The modest scale of these simple yet detailed structures belies the expertise, highest quality workmanship and materials embedded in them. The double wall construction, lack of any thermal bridging, R 48 walls, R 56 roofs, .9 ACH50 (super tight for 2013 standards) led this project’s HERS rater, Home Energy Raters, to recommend us as the most energy conservation-conscientious builders in Lincoln to A3 Architects for the Old Sudbury Road project.